From the Director

Yothinburana School, Bangkok, Thailand, is a government co-education secondary school (girls and boys) with a roll of about 3,900 students and 228 teachers. The school is registered to deliver the office of the basic education commission, ministry of education from grades 7-12, which is ages 11 to 18.

There are three programs in our school:

40% from the surrounding area

40% studying in the Thai program through an emphasis on Science and Mathematics

20% studying in the English Program

In addition, the school provides many opportunities for involvement in extra-curricular activities, both cultural and sporting activities. Students in Grades 7-12 must participate in a sporting activity, and students in Grade 7-11 can choose to study both international music and Thai music. Students in Grade 12 are encouraged to emphatically study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Maths, Social Studies, Thai, and/or Chinese/Japanese.



Mr. Somkiat Phongjit
       School Director